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-While some people who are committed to community service choose to focus either on their own immediate community or on the world at large, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar has decided to focus on both. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar is dedicated to improving social issues on a large scale, and has contributed to efforts in his own neighborhood in Vancouver and to international awareness and relief campaigns. <br /><br />Thinking locally, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar has worked closely with the Greater Vancouver Family Services to provide mentoring and tutoring to youth, as well as martial arts classes and help accessing important resources. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar started two groups at the University of British Columbia, as well, raising awareness about social issues through film with Movies That Matter, and helping immigrant and refugee students improve their English skills as a volunteer tutor with English Corner. In another local angle, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar has helped organize charity events and fundraisers through the local snowboarding community and the Vancouver Salsa Dance Club. <br /><br />Turning his signs on global change, [[http://www.slideshare.net/houmanrezazadehazar|Houman Rezazadeh-Azar]] traveled to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, and Barbados with the Steps to World Peace Dance Tour. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar acted as the group’s choreographer, and was also a team leader to members seeking to spread messages of international peace and cooperation through dance and art. After Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010, [[http://www.zimbio.com/member/houmanrezazadehazar|Houman Rezazadeh-Azar]] traveled there as well, on three separate occasions, volunteering to help provide medical care and other necessary forms of relief to Haitian communities. <br /><br />Whether he knows people directly or they are simply a larger member of the global community, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar cares enough to spend his time and energy helping others. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar is completely dedicated to this goal, and devotes large portions of his busy schedule to participating in local and global community service activities. <br /><br />Before committing to full-time pursuit of a college education, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar was employed by the Greater Vancouver Family Services in two departments. From June 2006 to December 2009, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar worked as a Youth Mentor in the Department of Family Preservation and Reunification Services and was a member of the PRIYD Program. <br /><br />In the Department of Family reservation and Reunification Services, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar worked with parents, caregivers, and children to attempt to prevent out-of-home foster care or group home placement through increasing safety and overall wellbeing in struggling families. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar assisted with group sessions designed to develop life skills, coordinated services and community resources, mentored youth and parents, and saw families through mediation and therapy with professionals in the department. <br /><br />At the same time, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar simultaneously worked with the PRIYD Program, short for “Providing Resources and Independence of Youth with Disabilities.” Here, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar supported youth with mental and physical disabilities with the goal of improving their independence. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar helped youth access and use community resources, taught them about money management, modeled appropriate social behavior and communication skills, linked youth with volunteer opportunities, and conveyed the importance of street safety teaching youth how to use public transit. <br /><br />While Houman Rezazadeh-Azar no longer works for the Greater Vancouver Family Services full time, he still volunteers with a number of programs through Family Services in fulfillment of his commitment to community service. Houman Rezazadeh-Azar continues to mentor youth, and he has also begun teaching martial arts classes to at-risk youth. The martial arts classes taught by Houman Rezazadeh-Azar focus on appropriate displays of aggression, and seek to channel negative emotions into physical exercise rather than violence against peers. As a mentor, Houman Rezazadeh-Azar offers academic tutoring, and he frequently meets with teachers, parents, and guardians to help all parties solve the problems at hand.  +
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