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Devicetree (& Embedded) Mini-conference

STATUS: A Devicetree Workshop will be held in conjunction with Kernel Summit in Prague. The Devicetree workshop will be held Thursday afternoon, 26 October 2017. This page is being used to organise the workshop agenda

There will not be a Devicetree miniconference at Linux Plumbers Conference this year.

Proposed Topics

Agenda for this microconference is being worked out now. To propose a topic, please add the topic title and your name to the list below.

Possible topics of interest

Other possible topics for this miniconference are:

The goal is to improve:

Key Attendees


The schedule of the 2017 DeviceTree Plumbers Microconference is as follows. Note presentation slides can be found on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts:

Discussion notes

This is a good place to record notes from your session. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Runner: Grant Likely