Table of Contents


The MC is about Checkpoint-Restore technology in Linux and everything about it. Attendees represent the CRIU, the DMTCP, BLCR and OpenMPI developer communities.


  1. Pavel Emelyanov (Virtuozzo)
  2. Andrey Vagin (Virtuozzo)
  3. Tycho Andersen (Canonical)
  4. Adrian Reber (RedHat)
  5. Mike Rapoport (IBM)
  6. Christopher Covington (Qualcomm)
  7. Gene Cooperman (DMTCP)
  8. Kapil Arya (DMTCP)
  9. George Bosilca (OpenMPI)

Tentative speakers

  1. Ross Boucher (Tonic project)
  2. Saied Kazemi (Google)
  3. Laurent Dufour (IBM)
  4. Mark O'Neil (Tumbling dice, Cryopid)
  5. Kevin M Fox (PNNL, OpenStack HAProxy)


  1. CRIU
    1. Current issues
    2. Restorer v2
    3. Live migration in LXD
    4. UserfaultFD support and post-copy live migration
  2. DMTCP
    1. Open challenges in Checkpointing
  3. C/R in distributed workloads
    1. OpenMPI


Total time: 3 hrs

  1. Intro, Pavel, 5 minutes
  2. Distributed C/R, George, 35 munites
  3. Open challenges in C/R, Gene and Kapil, 30 minutes
  4. Restorer v2, Pavel, 30 minutes
  5. Lazy Migration, Mike and Adrian, 25 minutes
  6. C/R in LXD, Tycho, 15 minutes
  7. What doesn't work in CRIU, Andrey, Adrian and Christopher, The remaining time


Runner: Pavel Emelyanov