Testing and Fuzzing

The Linux Plumbers 2017 Testing and Fuzzing track focuses on advancing the current state of testing of the Linux Kernel.

Our objective is to gather leading developers of the kernel and it's related testing infrastructure and utilities in an attempt to advance the state of the various utilities in use (and possibly unify some of them), and the overall testing infrastructure of the kernel. We are hopeful that we could build on the experience of the participants of this MC to create solid plans for the upcoming year.

Key Attendees (tentative)

  • Dmitry Vyukov
  • Alexander Potapenko (confirmed)
  • Fengguang Wu
  • Dave Jones (confirmed)
  • Shuah Khan
  • Guenter Roeck (confirmed)
  • Paul E. McKenney (confirmed)
  • Sasha Levin (confirmed)
  • Dhaval Giani (confirmed)
  • Greg KH (Confirmed)
  • Masami Hiramatsu (Confirmed)
  • Justin Forbes (Confirmed)
  • Steven Rostedt (Confirmed)
  • Daniel Vetter (confirmed)
  • Philip Li (confirmed)

Key Topics for Discussion (tentative)

  • Upstream testing - 0day project
  • Distro testing - Fuzz testing, security testing
  • Status update on formal-verification tools
  • KernelMemorySanitizer: a new detector of uninitialized memory reads
  • How are stable trees tested and is there any active fuzzing done there?
  • Ktest: A framework to drive automated testing
  • drm/i915 igt test suite and Intel GFX CI as examples for testing hw drivers and hw specific issues (Daniel Vetter)

Proposed Schedule (tentative)

  1. Fuzzers panel: Panel + open discussion regarding progress since last year and future goals
  2. Upstream testing
  3. The 0day testing project
  4. ktest
  5. KMSAN
  6. Updates on KASAN/KTSAN
  7. drm/i915 testing
  8. Status update on formal verification tools
  9. (BoF?) Stable/distro testing


Runner: Sasha Levin alexander.levin@verizon.com with assistance from Dhaval Giani dhaval.giani@oracle.com

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