The Linux Plumbers 2017 containers track is focusing on Linux containers, both kernel space and user space.

This is a good opportunity for maintainers of container runtimes to interact with kernel developers and users.

CFP can be found here Submissions will be taken until the 4th of August 2017.

Tentative Schedule

This year we'll try to focus on short technical talks and demos and more general discussion topics such as (feel free to add to the list):

  • Unprivileged filesystem mounting
  • Container filesystem uid/gid shifting
  • Transition to CGroupV2
  • Alternative approach (than blkio) to restricting filesystem access throughput
  • cgroups
    • Cgmanager reborn?
    • V1 and V2
  • Namespaced LSMs
    • Apparmor namespaces (intro)
    • Smack namespaces (intro)
    • Namespaced SELinux
    • Namespaced IMA (intro and status)
    • Namespaced file capabilities status
  • Designing secure and sane container runtimes from first principles.
    • Limitations of kernel interfaces.

Note: The final schedule will be posted on the website on the Schedule page. Presentation slides will available on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts.

Potential attendees (from past years, add yourself!)

  • St├ęphane Graber (LXC & LXD)
  • Serge Hallyn (LXC & LXD, capabilities, cgroup namespace)
  • Christian Brauner (LXC & LXD)
  • Tycho Andersen (Docker)
  • Aleksa Sarai (SUSE, OCI & runc)
  • Seth Forshee (unprivileged ext4, unprivileged fuse and unprivileged loops patches)
  • Tejun Heo (cgroups)
  • Dinesh Subhraveti (Fermat)
  • Eric Biederman (namespaces)
  • Kir Kolyshkin (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • Dmitry Monakhov (OpenVZ)
  • Andrey Vagin (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • Pavel Emelyanov (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • James Bottomley (IBM)
  • Maxim Patlasov (OpenVZ)
  • Vladimir Davydov (OpenVZ)
  • Brandon Philips (CoreOS & rkt)
  • Alban Crequy (rkt)
  • Amir Goldstein (containers on Android)
  • Oren Laaden (containers on Android)
  • Michael Coss (uevent filtering and forwarding)
  • Geoff Levand (ARM64 + CoreOS + containers)
  • Rami Rosen (Intel)
  • Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Red Hat)
  • Samuel Ortiz (Intel)
  • Mrunal Patel (Red Hat, OCI, runc)
  • James Morris (Oracle / kernel security maintainer)

Discussion notes

Notes from the sessions will be recorded using Etherpads (links will be provided). It is very important that each session has good notes. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Proposal added by St├ęphane Graber <stgraber at ubuntu dot com>

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