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Container networking is a very hot topic, as evidenced by numerous recent techniques to provide container networking, as well as numerous CNI plugins. The key questions are how can we best support:

In this miniconf we will bring together the innovators of new container-relevant network technologies with those writing container orchestration managers.

Tentative schedule

  • Presentations: Each will be invited to give a short (15 minutes?) presentation about their offering and/or needs
  • Short break
  • Moderated (one hour?) moderated [fishbowl|] discussion

The goal is to get an idea of which container networking goals are furthest from being met, and how we might address them.


  • Introduction, Dinesh Subhraveti
  • Container networking in LXD, Stéphane Graber
  • Routes between network namespaces, Eric Biederman
  • [If travel works out] Container networking versus live migration, Pavel Emelyanov
  • Evolution and current state of networking in Docker, Jérôme Petazzoni, Madhu Venugopal
  • Unprivileged container networking, Serge Hallyn
  • Running VPN in a container, Marian Marinov
  • Wrap-up, Serge Hallyn and Dinesh Subhraveti


Proposal added by Serge Hallyn <serge at fermat dot io> and Dinesh Subhraveti <dinesh at fermat dot io>

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