Linux Remote Boot Over Ethernet: Getting It Right

The Linux Plumbers 2017 Remote Boot track focuses on finding solutions for kernel changes and other plumbing related issues that will help the ecosystem of the kernel installation on a remote root device. This generally means either iSCSI or FCoE. This seemingly-simple task is complicated by the fact that systemd needs to sequence things in such a way that the system can reliably boot and shutdown, i.e. as if the root disc was local.

This is an industry-wide issue that can only be solved with agreement from interested parties.

Key Attendees (tentative)

  • Lee Duncan, SUSE (organizer)
  • Hannes Reinecke, SUSE (storage expert)
  • James Bottomley, SCSI subsystem mainter
  • Chris Leech, RedHat (storage expert)
  • Andy Grover, RedHat (storage expert)
  • Somebody from Ununtu
  • Somebody from QLogic/Cavium (i.e. card manufacturer)

Key Topics for Discussion (tentative)

The following is the list of items presently considered as candidate topics for the microconf. Still very much subject to change.

User Visible Problems:
* install on remote storage hard to set up
* install on remote storage works until first reboot, where systemd gives mysterious message
Areas of Difficulty:
* iSCSI has a standard, iBFT, but it is loosely followed if at all
* FCoE has no standard at all
* It is difficult to test, since it is difficult to virtualize

Proposed Schedule (tentative)

To be determined


Runner: Lee Duncan

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