The Linux Plumbers 2017 Android/Mobile track focuses on finding solutions for kernel changes and other plumbing related issues that Android and other mobile solutions make use of but are not yet upstream.

Key Attendees (tentative, from 2016 -- to update)

  • Laura Abbott
  • Bernhard Rosenkr√§nzer
  • Behan Webster
  • Greg Hackmann
  • Sean Paul
  • Rob Herring
  • Elliott Hughes
  • Jean Wiklander
  • Todd Kjos
  • Mathieu Poirier
  • Eric Dumazet
  • Lorenzo Colitti
  • Kees Cook
  • Amit Kucheria
  • Greg KH
  • Amit Pundir
  • Sumit Semwal
  • Rom Lemarchand
  • John Stultz
  • KP Singh
  • Karim Yaghmour
  • Javi Merino
  • Gustavo Padovan
  • Robert Foss
  • Marissa Wall

Schedule (tentative)

The following is the list of items presently considered as candidate topics for the microconf. Still very much subject to change.

  • Update on devboards in AOSP
  • Testing AOSP (CTS, GCE, more)
  • Clang & the Upstream Kernel
  • Lowmemorykiller & Ashmem
  • ION's Purgatory
  • TEEs
  • EAS/SCHED_DEADLINE Android integration and Upstreaming
  • SDCardFS upstreaming
  • Binder changes?
  • Emulator(goldfish, pipe, etc) vs Qemu (virgil, etc)
  • memcg/lowmemorykiller (should coordinate with above LMK)


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