Testing & Fuzzing Microconference

The Linux Plumbers 2016 Testing & Fuzzing track is focusing on advancing the current state of testing in the Linux Kernel.

Proposed Schedule

  • Applying mutation testing for testing RCU: Progress report - Iftekhar Ahmed
  • Kselftest - Shuah Khan
  • Machine readable ABI documentation for fuzzers - Sasha Levin
  • syzkaller - Dmitry Vyukov
  • Trinity - Dave Jones

Topic suggestions

  • Code annotations
    • Using existing ones better and introducing new annotations that would be used by multiple tools.
  • Sanitizers
    • How can we improve existing ones (Kasan, UBSAN)?
    • Mainline out-of-tree sanitizers (KTsan).
    • Work in progress updates on new sanitizers.
  • Fuzzers
    • How can we improve fuzzability of the kernel? More userspace hooks into internal code?
    • Making the errors reproducible easily.
  • Documenting the ABI in machine-readable format
    • Fuzzers already do that, maybe it should live in the kernel? Standard format?
    • ABI validation using traditional testing tools
    • Less userspace breakage?
  • Improving build/boot process
    • Can we make 0day, kernelci.org, etc work together?
  • How can we improve the current state of (the practically non-existant) -stable testing?

Proposed attendees (in alphabetical order)

  • Dan Carpenter
  • Quentin Casasnovas
  • Dave Jones
  • Shuah Khan
  • Sasha Levin
  • Vegard Nossum
  • Emese Revfy
  • Steven Rostedt
  • Andrey Ryabinin
  • Konstantin Serebryany
  • Stephen Rothwell
  • Fengguang Wu
  • Iftekhar Ahmed


Notes from the sessions will be recorded using Etherpads (links will be provided). A summary email will be sent to participants and LKML to continue the discussion online.


Proposal added by Sasha Levin alexander.levin@verizon.com

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