RDMA Summit

We organized a RDMA Mini Summit earlier at the Collaboration Summit. This seems to have been pretty useful and so we want to do another meeting around the Kernel Summit and Plumbers conference. We envision that we would need a day or so for RDMA related topics.

Topic Proposals

  • New ioctl based kernel ABI for libibverbs, librdmacm etc.
  • General Roadmap and future requirement of the RDMA subsystem
  • Overview of Multicast features in the RDMA stack
  • Making Infiniband messaging available via the standard network stack
  • Enabling diagnostics and configuration of Infiniband device via standard tools (ethtool, /proc/net/infiniband/xxx support)
  • Support for new fabrics (Omnipath f.e.)
  • Generic API to allow QPs attached to any standard network device driver
  • Licensing Dual BSD/GPL vs. GPL only
  • Moving the RDMA subsystem out of the driver tree into its proper place in the network stack. (Leon: I thought about to rename the subsystem to be drivers/rdma)
  • Soft-RoCE plans , status e.t.c.
  • Possible options/AI to integrate RDMA subsystem to standard NET configuration/management tools, e.g. ethtool.
  • Different RDMA integrations with other subsystems (SELinux, GPU, net, PCI ….). What can we do better?
  • Improving debugability, tracing infrastructure in RDMA.
  • Open round table with key contributors and maintainer about development/submission flows.
  • Open discussion if we it is time to rename drivers/infiniband to be drivers/rdma
  • Are we ready for containers? Gaps in RDMA subsystem
  • UAPI refactoring

Key attendees

  • Doug Ledford
  • Christoph Lameter
  • Leon Romanovsky
  • Liran Liss
  • KY Srinivasan
  • Christoph Hellwig
  • Knut Omang
  • Grant Likely
  • Vinod Kutty
  • Susan Coulter
  • Andrew Shewmaker
  • Matan Barak
  • Jason Gunthorpe


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