Performance and Scalability

The Linux Plumbers 2016 microconference – Performance and Scalability track focuses on scalability, both upwards and downwards as well as up and down the stack. There are quite a few active projects and efforts of a wide range that aim at enhancing performance and scalability both in the Linux kernel and in user-space projects. In fact, one of the purposes of this forum is for developers from different projects to meet and collaborate – both kernel developers and researchers, doing more experimental work. After all, for the user to see good performance and scalability, all relevant projects must perform and scale well.

Because performance and scalability are very generic topics, this track is aimed at issues that are not addressed in other, more specific sessions, such as networking.

The structure will be similar to what was followed the previous years (2013, 2015): about 30 minutes per subject with discussion.


Here is a very raw and preliminary list of possible topics to be exposed. If interested in other areas or any specific relevant topic, please just add it to the list:

  • Pain points in the kernel (aka known large/generic bottlenecks).
  • Range rw-locking.
  • lockstat and related tools overhead.
  • rcu
  • efforts in VM

Possible interested attendees

  • Ingo Molnar
  • Paul E. McKenney
  • Peter Zijlstra
  • Waiman Long
  • Tim Chen
  • … many people


Open for anyone to take ownership (proposed by Davidlohr Bueso)

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