Live kernel patching

The main purpose of the Linux Plumbers 2016 Live kernel patching track is to involve all stakeholders in open discussion about remaining issues that need to be solved in order to make Live patching of the Linux Kernel (more or less) feature complete.

Attendees / interested parties (seeded from live-patching ML, feel free to add yourself)

  • Jiri Kosina
  • Josh Poimboeuf
  • Miroslav Benes
  • Jessica Yu
  • Petr Mladek
  • Sergey Senozhatsky
  • Li Bin
  • Vojtěch Pavlík
  • Steven Rostedt
  • Rashika Kheria

Topic suggestions

  • stacktrace reliability (might be obosolete at the time of LPC2016)
  • safe location for patching kthreads (might be obsolete by the reliable check of stack traces)
  • hybrid consistency model – details of implementation on top of reliable stack traces
  • issues with porting KLP to non-x86 architectures
  • handling of loadable modules
  • dealing with GCC optimizations
  • userspace tooling for creating and managing live patches
  • data patching
  • automated regression testing
  • documentation: patch creation guidelines (for example, something like this)

Submit Proposal

Session proposals should be submitted through

The topics that will actually be submitted don't necessarily need to be strictly just the ones from the above list.


Proposal added by Jiri Kosina, who is willing to act as a session leader for this miniconf.

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