A Micro Git Together

The Linux Plumbers 2016 Git track is focusing on the Future of Git. Not so much does it have a future, but rather what will Git be able to do or look like in the future. We'll take presentations on several enhancements and feature requests, maybe a little open discussion and arm wrestling, but no fist-fights or yelling.

The structure will be … loose. A few short presentations, Q&A, and open discussions.

Topics under consideration for this little Git Together include (but are not limited to):

  • State of the Git Union
    • A brief overview of recent Git enhancements
    • A brief overview of planned or near-term enhancements
  • Patch Management Using git series
    • Josh explains his motivation for git series
    • He tells us what it does and how
    • He might even ask for suggested enhancements
  • A Maze Of Git Scripts All Alike
    • You have scripts, I have scripts, Steve Rostedt has scripts
    • Maybe we don't *all* need slightly different scripts
    • What if we worked toward some common, useful scripts?
    • Discuss
  • Future Git
    • A festive discussion about the Future of Git.
    • Could “git blame” be enhanced with key parameters? (Recovering Token-Level Authorship Information from Git by Daniel German: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXZV5uAYMJI)

Key Attendees

These people have, apparently, by hook or crook, signed up already.

  • Junio Hamano
  • Josh Triplett
  • James Bottomley
  • Steve Rostedt
  • Kate Stewart
  • Jon Loeliger
  • Tim Bird (wants to attend, but doesn't know if he can make it yet)
  • Alex Courouble

The shake-down hasn't finalized yet, so expect a few more Top People to attend.

Tentative Schedule

The purely speculative schedule of the 2016 Plumbers Git Together Micro Conference is as follows.

  • State of the Git Union - Junio Hamano
  • Patch Management using git series - Josh Triplett
  • A Maze of Scripts – Steve Rostedt
  • Future Git - Open Discussion

Discussion notes

Steve says:

I have a handful of scripts that I use on top of git to perform
everyday tasks. I would like to propose a small session where people
can talk about what scripts they use on top of git, and see if we
can stop rewriting the wheel and see what duplicate tools people have
created for themselves, and perhaps get them upstream. Or perhaps
there's a killer script out there that people would like to upstream
even if nobody else duplicated it.

Pending shake-down results, another presentation might be added.

Note: The final schedule will be posted on the linuxplumberscong.org website on the Schedule page. Presentation slides will available on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts.

Notes from the sessions will be recorded using Etherpads (links will be provided). It is very important that each session has good notes. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Proposal added by Jon Loeliger jdl@jdl.com

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