Coherent Accelerators, FPGAs, and Programmable Logic Devices

The Linux Plumbers 2016 FPGAs and Programmable Logic Devices track intends to facilitate discussions surrounding the use of coherently attached accelerators, FPGAs, and other programmable devices (oh my!) as first class citizens on Linux.

The tentative schedule will be a short update on the current state of the fpga-mgr framework, followed by a discussion of FPGA usecases and problems, and then a brainstorm of potential solutions.

Topics under consideration for this miniconf include (but are not limited to):

  • FPGA bitstream configuration; partial reconfiguration (fpga-mgr?)
  • Enumeration and modeling of in-bitstream IP (device tree overlays?)
  • Modeling of FPGA IP in the kernel device model:
    • Handling the removal/reconfiguration of IP at runtime

Key attendees

  • Alan Tull (Altera)
  • Ralph Wittig (Xilinx)
  • BenH (IBM)
  • Julia Cartwright (NI)
  • Moritz Fischer (NI)
  • Graeme Gregory (Linaro)
  • Rob Herring (Linaro)
  • Kate Stewart (Linux Foundation)
  • Jon Masters (Red Hat)
  • Clark Williams (Red Hat)
  • Leif or Catalin (ARM)

Schedule (tentative)

The following is the list of items presently considered as candidate topics for the microconf. Still very much subject to change.

* Standardized enumeration and logical interface(s)
** It seems we're pretty much all doing "kinda fake PCIe"
** In particular things like PCIe capabilities
* UPI/QPI/CCIX/OpenCAPI/other coherent interconnects
** Overview from each camp on what they're doing currently
* Standardized configuration and (partial) re-configuration of devices
** Assuming a VFIO/userspace driven use model without drivers
* Management/provisioning (OpenStack, etc.)
Use cases
* Networking offload (eBPF, XDP, crypto, etc.)
* Workload acceleration
* others

Discussion notes

Notes from the sessions will be recorded using Etherpads (links will be provided). It is very important that each session has good notes. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Runner: Jon Masters

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