CPU isolation

Running a thread in a CPU without being disturbed by the kernel, here is the purpose of this young project. Since the first bits got integrated in 3.10, the state has evolved and we may need a synchronization point between contributors, users, …


Here is a possible list of topics to be exposed:

  • Full dynticks
    • Make the scheduler resilient to 0 Hz (in order to remove the 1hz)
    • Optimization of context tracking
  • Task isolation mode

Possible interested attendees

  • Christoph Lameter
  • Chris Metcalf
  • Ingo Molnar
  • Luiz Capitulino
  • Paul E. McKenney
  • Peter Zijlstra
  • Rik van Riel
  • Steven Rostedt
  • Thomas Gleixner
  • Viresh Kumar


Proposal added by Frédéric Weisbecker <fweisbec at gmail dot com>

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