The Linux Plumbers 2016 containers track is focusing on Linux containers, both kernel space and user space.

The structure will be the usual set of quick project updates, followed by more topical discussions (devices, security, …)

Tentative Schedule

The schedule of the 2016 Containers Plumbers Micro Conference is as follows.

  • Project updates
    • LXC project update (Stéphane Graber)
    • LXD project update (Stéphane Graber)
    • OpenVZ project update (Kir?)
    • Rkt project update (Alban? Brandon?)
    • Docker project update (any takers?)
  • Tea break
  • Discussion on new cool stuff
    • Mounts in unprivileged containers
    • Current and future improvements to resource limitation (cgroups)
    • File system capabilities in unprivileged containers (Serge?)
    • Security concerns around the user namespace
    • Orderly transition to cgroup v2 API? (Systemd is going to force this, so are we ready to cope)
    • Tool co-operation. Currently for all container systems, ip netns is blind to the container network namespace, but should it be?

Note: The final schedule will be posted on the website on the Schedule page. Presentation slides will available on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts.

Potential attendees (add yourself!)

  • Stéphane Graber (LXC & LXD)
  • Serge Hallyn (LXC & LXD, capabilities, cgroup namespace)
  • Tycho Andersen (LXC & LXD)
  • Christian Brauner (LXC & LXD)
  • Seth Forshee (unprivileged ext4, unprivileged fuse and unprivileged loops patches)
  • Tejun Heo (cgroups)
  • Eric Biederman (namespaces)
  • Kir Kolyshkin (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • Dmitry Monakhov (OpenVZ)
  • Andrey Vagin (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • Pavel Emelyanov (OpenVZ & CRIU)
  • James Bottomley (OpenVZ)
  • Maxim Patlasov (OpenVZ)
  • Vladimir Davydov (OpenVZ)
  • Brandon Philips (CoreOS & rkt)
  • Alban Crequy (rkt)
  • Amir Goldstein (containers on Android)
  • Oren Laaden (containers on Android)
  • Michael Coss (uevent filtering and forwarding)
  • Geoff Levand (ARM64 + CoreOS + containers)
  • Rami Rosen (Intel)
  • Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo (Red Hat)
  • Samuel Ortiz (Intel)

Discussion notes

Notes from the sessions will be recorded using Etherpads (links will be provided). It is very important that each session has good notes. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Proposal added by Stéphane Graber <stgraber at ubuntu dot com>

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