The Linux Plumbers 2015 thermal track focuses on finding solutions for kernel and userland changes for standardized thermal management in Linux systems.

Key Attendees (Tentative)

  • Eduardo Valentin
  • Rui Zhang
  • Javi Merino
  • Punit Agrawal
  • Łukasz Majewski
  • Kapileshwar Singh
  • Srinivas Pandruvada
  • Lina Iyer

Proposed Topics (Tentative)

  • Overview of the thermal framework - Eduardo Valentin
  • Improvements on OF-thermal - Eduardo Valentin
  • Thermal class: split of temperature sensor device and thermal driver - Eduardo Valentin
  • Devfreq vs. clock cooling - Eduardo Valentin
  • Thermal Docbook - Eduardo Valentin
  • Closed loop control governors - Javi Merino - ARM
  • Power model based policies - Javi Merino - ARM
  • Automated thermal subsystem tests - Łukasz Majewski - Samsung
  • Per Core/GPU on-chip thermal zones - Łukasz Majewski - Samsung
  • User space (tools/governors/interfaces) - Srinivas Pandruvada - Intel
    • Better support for virtual temperature sensors which depends on other sensors.
    • Support for Linux IIO style scale and offset in thermal zone temperature calculation.
    • /dev interface for pushing thermal samples instead of raw read of temperature to improve performances and push sample instead of pull from user space.
  • Co-ordination among cooling devices in the system - Punit Agrawal - ARM
  • Open loop control governors
  • Sensor API


Discussion notes

This is a good place to record notes from your session. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Runner: Eduardo Valentin

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