Persistent Memory

The Linux Plumbers 2015 Persistent Memory track focuses on the kernel and userspace plumbing for byte-addressable (direct cpu load/store) persistent memory.

Key Attendees (Prospective)

  • Kernel/Drivers: libnd, pmem, blk, and btt maintainers / reviewers
  • Kernel/FS+MM: DAX developers, MM developers
  • Userspace/Management: libndctl, storage management app developers, install and init maintainers
  • Userspace/Applications: nvml maintainers / reviewers

Interested Attendees / Presenters

List your name here to indicate interest in attending or presenting. Other topic proposals besides the ones listed above are also welcome.

  • Dan Williams
  • Vishal Verma
  • Andy Rudoff
  • Toshi Kani
  • Rob Elliott
  • Linda Knippers
  • Jeff Moyer
  • Raghu Chandrasekar
  • Betty Dall
  • Greg Pearson
  • Keith Packard
  • Justin Vreeland
  • Heather Brown
  • Stephan Diestelhorst

Proposed Topics (Tentative)

  • Overview: ACPI 6 NFIT (NVDIMM Firmware Interface Table)
  • LIBND: non-volatile memory Kernel subsystem
  • I/O: PMEM/BLK access mechanisms and cpu cache management
  • I/O: Overview of the Block Translation Table (for providing atomic sector updates)
  • MM: The “struct page” problem
  • Management: userspace infrastructure for device/capacity management, installer support…
  • Userspace applications: libraries like NVML for managing DAX
  • Kernel applications: RAID stripe cache
  • Performance: discuss hotspots in pmem, btt, block layer, and other areas of the kernel, and in applications
  • NUMA support: how will applications query numa locality for a given file or memory address?
  • Error handling: How are errors propagated to applications? How are they cleared?


The schedule of the Microconference is as follows. Note presentation slides can be found on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts:

  • Session 1 - TBD
  • etc…

Discussion notes

This is a good place to record notes from your session. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Runner: Dan Williams

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