Welcome to the “Networking” microconference of Plumbers 2015. This track was named “Network Virtualization” in previous years. Upon request we are opening up the spectrum for this year. We have however decided to define a list of interesting networking topics that we want to focus on. We will therefore favour discussion topics which fall into the following list of topics:

  • IPv6
  • Network Virtualization
  • Security

As in previous years, we are enforcing a hard limit of 3 slides per presentation to ensure focus on discussion over monologues. Marketing pitches will not be tolerated and will be shut down. (If you feel the urge to put your company logo onto slides you are probably in the wrong room anyway)

If you are interested in presenting on this topic then please list yourself in the section “Proposed Topics” below.

Topics of Interest

  • Network Virtualization
    • Preparing the network stack for multi tenant container clusters
    • Reducing the weight of network namespaces
    • Improved VRF implementation - netns + ip rules? nft?
    • Intelligent network processing at the data center edge
    • Programmable data path (tc cls/act, eBPF, OVS, nft, …)
    • Encapsulation, overlays, service chaining (VXLAN, Geneve, GUE, NVGRE, NSH, …)
    • Hardware support - programming network hardware through the kernel
    • Protocol development
    • Hardware Accelerated I/O Virtualization
    • Virtualizing accelerators for NFVs
  • IPv6
    • Performance
    • How to treat IPv6 as an equal citizen? Consolidation of functionality: common IPv6/IPv4 routing? IPv6 support for underlays,
    • IPv6 in data centers - Can we solve the addressing problem
    • Kernel gaps blocking further adoptions?
    • Logical IPv6 overlays to provide network virtualization without encapsulation
  • Security
    • Scalable networking security policies for containers
    • Securing applications in multi host data centers
    • Encryption of overlays
    • Hardware support


  • Who we want to see
    • Kernel hackers
    • NetDev crowd
    • Network virtualization fanatics
    • Community driven vendors
    • Kernel and networking hungry DevOps
    • People of the Banana Republic
  • Specifically requesting attendance of: (please confirm if you can attend)
    • [Please complete list if you think a major stakeholder is missing]
    • Alexander Duyck (routing)
    • Alexei Starovoitov & Daniel Borkmann (eBPF & tc)
    • Cong Wang (tc)
    • David S. Miller
    • Eric Dumazet (Overall ninja)
    • Eric W. Biederman (netns)
    • Florian Westphal (netfilter)
    • Jesper Dangaard Brouer (allocator)
    • Jiri Benc (ipv6 underlay)
    • Jiri Pirko (switchdev & tc)
    • Hannes Frederic Sowa (IPv6)
    • Jamal Hadi Salim (tc)
    • Jesse Gross & John Linville (Geneve)
    • Justin Pettit & Pravin Shelar (OVS)
    • John Fastabend (hw offload)
    • Nicolas Dichtel (VRF)
    • Shrijeet Mukherjee (VRF deux)
    • Pablo Neira Ayuso & Patrick McHardy (nftables)
    • Simon Horman (IPVS & OVS)
    • Steffen Klassert & Herbert Xu (XFRM)
    • Stephen Hemminger (iproute2 & bridge)
    • Tom Herbert (GUE & overlays)
  • Confirmed attendees
    • Please list yourself if you are interesting in participating
    • Alexander Duyck
    • Simon Horman
    • Daniel Borkmann
    • John Linville
    • Jesse Gross
    • Alexei Starovoitov
    • Shrijeet Mukherjee (VRF deux)
    • Madhu Challa
    • John Fastabend
    • Brandon Philips (CoreOS, flannel)
    • Marcel Holtmann
    • Steffen Klassert
    • Nicolas Dichtel
    • Sridhar Samudrala

Proposed Topics (Tentative)

List your proposed topics below:

  • A new VRF proposal - Shrijeet Mukherjee
  • Scalable kernel-only encapsulation for containers: Flow based tunneling with standard net_devices - Thomas Graf
  • IPv6 underlays: What is needed? what performance issues will we run into?
  • IPv6 routing issues and recent changes - Martin Lau
  • Scalable VRF implementation w/ Linux: Is netns+ip rules+routing enough? - Fold into Shrijeet's discussion
  • Geneve Openflow API for OVS. - Madhu
  • tc and eBPF classifier/action short overview and todo's - Daniel
  • Next steps in eBPF - Daniel / Alexei
  • Control plane options for GENEVE - John Linville
  • Overlay encryption - Jesse
  • Kernel framework for hardware accelerated Virtio networking - Varun Sethi
  • I/O Accelerator Virtualization for NFVs - Varun Sethi
  • Identifier Locator Addressing: Network virtualization without encapsulation using IPv6 - Tom Herbert
  • Small footprint 6LoWPAN + IPv6 only networking option - Marcel Holtmann
  • Coordinated software (eBPF/tc/OVS/DPDK) and hardware dataplanes - John Fastabend


The schedule will be announced closer to the event.

Discussion notes

  • Priorities for no overlap:
    1. Network offload
    2. Containers
    3. Wireless network
    4. Network management



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