File and Storage Systems

The Linux Plumbers 2015 File and Storage Systems track focuses on userspace interactions with ongoing work in the filesystem and IO stack. The format will resemble past years, in which a discussion is framed with a few slides or some opening comments before broadening into a larger discussion involving the attendees.

Possible Attendees

Here are some suggestions of people who either have run discussions at past events (not necessarily Plumbers) or might have some interesting things to contribute here. This list is neither conclusive nor definite.

  • The usual suspects (Ted T'so, Dave Chinner, Chris Mason, James Bottomley, Al Viro, Hannes Reincke, Christoph Hellwig, Jens Axboe, Jan Kara, Mingming Cao, Andy Grover, Eric Sandeen, Lukas Czerner, Martin Petersen, Mike Snitzer…)?
  • People who might not ordinarily attend a file systems & storage summit?
  • You.

Interested/Actual Attendees

Please put your name here if you'd like to attend, so that we can confirm who's coming. Also, they won't give us a slot or open the talk proposal registration system until there are enough people listed here.

  • Darrick Wong
  • Boaz Harrosh
  • Mingming Cao
  • Shirley Ma
  • Chuck Lever
  • Jaegeuk Kim
  • Mike Kravetz
  • Adrian Palmer
  • Bart Van Assche
  • Sergey Senozhatsky
  • Chris Mason
  • Shaohua Li
  • Dan Williams
  • Jeff Moyer
  • Matias Bjørling
  • Martin K. Petersen
  • Theodore Ts'o
  • Raghu Chandrasekar
  • Nick Black
  • Albert Chen
  • Jim Malina

Plumbers is sold out; there are no more spaces.

Proposed Topics (Tentative)

If you would like to add to this list, use the [Edit] button below. If you'd like to take a more active role in coordinating discussion of a particular topic, either add your name here or email Darrick.

  • Innovative I/O interfaces, throwing better I/O error reports at filesystems, and snapshotting?
  • Filesystem-level encryption in ext4/f2fs (Ted Ts'o, Jaeguk Kim)
  • Ongoing exploration of SMR drives (Adrian)
  • Online filesystem scrub/fsck? (Darrick)
  • Persistent memory? In memory database? In memory filesystems? (Kravetz?) (there's a persistent memory miniconf too, apparently…)
  • Progress in exporting the same file system via NFS and Samba (Shirley?)
  • Hot data tracking?
  • Smart block layer support for traditional file systems like xfs and ext4 (Dave? Ted?)
  • RDMA support in NFS and Samba: bi-directional(?) RDMA (Chuck?)
  • Support for user space file systems like Gluster and Ceph
  • Continuing themes from the 2015 LSF/MM?
  • Rich ACL?
  • Persistent reservation support for H.A. SCSI target clusters - see e.g. Using the DLM as a Distributed In-Memory Database. (Bart)
  • MD raid 5/6 caching layer (Shaohua)
  • Generic Device Mapper approach for SMR (Albert Chen / Jim Malina - Western Digital)
  • …other topics that haven't been discussed lately?

Please create proposals for specific discussion topics here:


The schedule of the 2015 File and Storage Systems Plumbers Microconference is as follows. Note presentation slides can be found on the Plumbers page by following the links to the abstracts. (This won't be possible until this microconf is accepted by the LPC committee.)

  • Session 1 - TBD
  • etc…

Discussion notes

This is a good place to record notes from your session. All too often, if notes were not written down, the session might as well not have happened.


Runner: Darrick Wong darrick dot wong at oracle dot com

(If you also would like to be involved with the organization of this microconf, please contact Darrick.)

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