Microconf - How to run Android and its apps alongside a standard Linux desktop?

While the standard Linux desktop and Android share the same kernel, their differences remain staggering. Recently, the kernel changes required to run Android have started to make their way into the mainline kernel. It remains, however, that the user-spaces of Android and common Linux desktops are distinct and share little in common.

This microconf's purpose is to bring together the various people involved in key parts of the system to discuss how both the standard Linux desktop and Android (and its apps) can be made to coexist and leverage each others' strengths in as much as possible.


  • Graphics layers and subsystems:
    • SurfaceFlinger vs. X and Wayland
    • DRM vs. gralloc
  • DBus vs. Intents
  • Binder vs. glibc
  • Filesystem coexistence
  • StageFright vs. PulseAudio
  • Unifying common functionality/drivers

While it's unlikely all these issues will be resolved, the overarching goal will be to get the conversation going amongst interested developers.


  • Alexander Sack (Linaro)
  • Bernhard Rosenkranzer (Linaro)
  • Christian Reis (Linaro)
  • Colin Cross (Google)
  • Daniel Stone (Collabora)
  • John Stultz (IBM/Linaro)
  • Karim Yaghmour (Opersys)
  • Kristian Høgsberg (Intel)
  • Zach Pfeffer (Linaro)
  • Rafael Wysocki (University of Warsaw)
  • Reynaldo Verdejo (Collabora)
  • Ricardo Salveti (Linaro)
  • Rob Clark (Texas Instruments)


  • Introduction (Karim Yaghmour):
    • Format of microconf
    • Commonalities and Differences between Android and Linux desktops
    • Recap (confirmation) of attendees' areas of interest
  • Open discussion about each topic listed above
  • Recap of microconf progress (Alexander Sack)

This microconf addresses a topic on which there has been little to no research. As such, there is a strong open/ad-hoc format at play. The goal is to make sure that the introduction provides a common basis of technologies/mechanisms involved for the rest of the discussion to occur on common ground for everyone involved. There will be an opportunity at that point to add items to the agenda if need be. The open discussion part, which is meant to take up the bulk of the microconf, will see each of the above topics covered one-by-one with active participation of attendees. In fact, it's expected/desired that those having field expertise take leadership of discussion items which they are most expert in.


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