From a very slow start a few years ago, Linux in 2011 is a huge player in the mobile industry, with over ten million phones shipping per month. Mobile has traditionally been a hugely fragmented market, with many devices hacked just enough to be able to sell, then instantly discarded for the next big product. Even the coherent platforms, of which there are several, show quite a lot of inconsistency.

Lately, Linux on mobile devices has been in the news at all ends of the spectrum: from Android being a household name, to the argument over ARM kernel maintenance. We hope to bring both developers of and for mobile products together in one room and see what comes out of it.


Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Power management from kernel to app level, including new techniques to save more power, profiling to find out who's using the most power, et al;
  • Mobile kernel development, especially ARM but open to any platform;
  • The current mobile graphics mess;
  • Performance: mobile devices are often more performance-sensitive than desktop, so even things like optimising D-Bus matter;
  • Toolkits and app development libraries such as Clutter and Telepathy;
  • Overviews of popular stacks such as Android, MeeGo, WebOS, et al.


Anyone who develops on or for mobile platforms, from the kernel to the app level, as well as anyone whose project has a particular relevance to mobile.

Key people

We should aim to invite the following people: (tbc)


Proposal added by Daniel Stone

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