The Linux kernel is one of the largest and highly configurable open source software projects. It has hundreds of developers and these developers have a wide range of expertise. Tools to help developers and maintainers are becoming increasingly important in the Linux development process. Some familiar examples are git for source code management, checkpatch for enforcing coding style, and quilt for managing patches.

In recent years, a number of new tools have been created to aide in various aspects of the development process. These include tools for understanding the source code, finding various kinds of bugs, and performing source code evolutions. This track will present some of these tools. There will additionally be an opportunity to discuss how tool usage can be improved and what kind of tools are still needed.

The schedule is as follows:

1:30 Codemap, google maps for source code: Yoann Padioleau

1:50 Killing Bugs in C with Smatch: Dan Carpenter

2:10 Ad Hoc Synchronization Considered Harmful: Weiwei Xiong

2:30 Tolerating hardware device failures in software: Asim Kadav

2:50 Finding and burying Configuration Defects in Linux with the undertaker: Reinhard Tartler

3:10 Reducing your patch workload with Patchwork: Jeremy Kerr

3:30 Diagnosing Linux/Firmware related Issues with the Firmware Test Suite: Colin King

3:40 Reproducible builds and infrastructure: Josh Triplett, Jamey Sharp

We would like your feedback about the use of development tools in Linux. Please fill out a very short survey!

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