Proposed/Potential Tracks for the 2010 Linux Plumbers Conference

This is a list of potential “microconferences”, half-day (2.5 hours) working sessions which are designed to solve problems in the “plumbing” of Linux – kernel subsystems, core libraries, windowing system, etc. For more information, please see this description on the LPC web page, What is Linux Plumbing.

Just because a topic listed here does not mean that we will have a microconference dedicated to it! In order for that to happen, we need *your* help. A chair (or co-chair) for that working session has to be found; problems which the community is interested in solving have to be identified; key arpticipants have to subbmit presentation or discussion proposals that address these problems, and so on. Based on how enthusiastically the community responds in organizing working session, the program committee will select 10-12 working session topics to run during the LPC.

If you add topics to this list, please create a page and add it to the above list where problem statements, key projects, and key individuals can be listed. And please leave your contact information, and/or suggestions for who would be a good leader for that working session. The success or failure of a working session, and whether we decide to run that working session, is critically dependent on having a good leader for that track. See the Responsibilities of a working session leader if you are interested in help making that working session, and the Linux Plumbers Conference, a success.

Topic suggestions and topic pages which we don't believe to have met this cut (especially if no one left contact information so we can work with them improve the topic page) cab be found here.

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