Several changes are happening at the Media Infrastructure in kernel, including:

Those changes will be discussed on the tracks bellow:

1) Multimedia Linux Remote Controllers – Jarod Wilson – 35 mins

A discussion about the state of video remote control integration in the linux kernel and userspace, focusing on Remote Control improvements.
Should include the following sub-themes:

2) Videobuf2 – the new Video for Linux driver framework – Marek Szyprowski – 35 mins

An effort to write a new framework to replace video buffering handling, called videobuf2 is currently underway. It will be more modular,
have additional features and better support for new devices and platforms (including embedded).

3) Embedded Video devices: Can Linux handle such comples video Sub-System – Vaibhav Hiremath – 35 mins

This will be an open discussion, suggestions from other community experts, where we will discuss on few latest Embedded devices as an case-study.

4) Media infrastructure – Mauro Carvalho Chehab – 60 mins

This will discuss V4L/DVB/IR current issues and the next steps to improve the subsystem
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