HA Clustering

Over the last very few years, High-Availability clustering on Linux has seen significant convergence and the emergence of a single stack, based on the fs/dlm code on the kernel-side, and around corosync/openais/Pacemaker etcetera on the user-space part. This is now being adopted by Red Hat, Ubuntu, Novell/SUSE, Debian and others.

Work remains to be done on mapping a roadmap for resource agent merges, more core library work such as logging infrastructure, roadmap alignment between components and stakeholders, packaging details, …


Developers from the components, packagers from the distributors.

Key people

The following people should be invited at least:

  • Andrew Beekhof (pacemaker)
  • David Teigland (dlm)
  • Dejan Muhamedagic (resource agents, pacemaker)
  • Fabio di Nitto (horse heads, RHT)
  • Joel Becker (OCFS2)
  • Lars Ellenberg (cluster-glue)
  • Lars Marowsky-Brée (heckling, SUSE)
  • Lon Hohberger (Resource Management)
  • Yan Gao (pacemaker)


Proposal added by Lars Marowsky-Brée lmb@novell.com

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